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Crazy Eights Hockey Camps
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 by Nick Paventi
Fantastic Girls Camp

I can not say enough great things about Crazy 8's Summer Camps. The location of the camp you chose doesn't matter, the staffing and experience for the girls are equally amazing. The balance of fun and hard work, the attitudes of the kids and staff are all amazing. We travel a fairly long distance to attend Crazy 8's and the bonding time and overall camp experience provided and all the new WI friends my girls have made, make it an entirely worthwhile camp for us.

 by Michael Berger

My daughter loves this camp. She has done it several years in a row and it is something she looks forward to in the summer. This camp has been great at improving hockey skills and also self confidence.

 by Randi Burris

Our 8 year old daughter was not excited about this camp at all, the night before she was like I’m not going. The ride home after the first night, she was like “it was ok”. By Friday she was almost in tears because camp was over. She absolutely loved it. Has new friendships she will have for life now, and grew in hockey skills beyond our wildest expectations. So so 100% worth the cost, and time to take your daughter to this camp. We will go back every year! Thank you to every single coach that was there, that not only showed a daughter a great time on the ice, but helped improve her hockey skills!!

 by Margo Wade
Hockey Camp!!!

This was Margo (my 11 year old daughter)'s first time at hockey camp. It was a great experience for her and she is going back for a second week in Appleton. She loved the counselors and the fact that they are all women made us very happy. The Carroll College accommodations were great. The drills and games were helpful. She made a lot of new friends. Jinelle handles this complex thing like it's simple and she makes it look easy.

 by Keith Miller
Worth Every Penny!

Just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much my 8 year old enjoyed this camp! We drove up from Louisville, KY for her to do this. She's been going down to Nashville for their Little Preds camp for the last 2 years, and I felt that she had outgrown it. By Friday, she could barely walk...but asked me when she could come back. She said, "This was the best week of my life. Better than the Disney Cruise that Grumpa took us on!"

 by Jen Berg
Amazing experience

My oldest daughter attended for the first time this year. I'm always nervous when it comes to camps because you always wonder if you're going to get your money's worth out of it. Hands down, this camp is worth every penny. My daughter was a day camper and talked non-stop about everything she learned on ice and off all week. She loved hearing about nutrition, college opportunities, all the drills and everything in between. She's excited to think about going back next year and beyond a doubt, she'll be back with her sister in tow! I love that this isn't all cupcakes and rainbows, the coaches keep it real while encouraging each skater to get better. The J Berg girls will be back!

 by Tom baginski
Best thing ever!

Great staff, very well organized, and extremely knowledgeable coaching staff!

my daughter says it was the best thing she's ever done in her life!

 by Amy
Let's do it again!

We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful program so close to home. It's a great opportunity for girls to be able to relate to other girls who have a common sport which in some programs, continues to be dominated by boys. The top notch coaching staff is a great example of how strong girls can be both physically and mentally. My 10 year-old came away, after her first year, with a new enthusiasm for the game and lots of tips on how to improve her abilities. When I picked her up it wasn't, "I missed you mom." It was, "can I go back next year?"

 by RJ Mylrea

This was my 10YO daughters first overnight/away camp, first intense hockey camp. She loved it, when we got in the truck to leave the first words out of her mouth were,"I'm doing this again next year right? It was awesome!!!". She loved it, everything about this camp, enough that she wanted to go to the second camp as well. Next year she probably will. Definitely a great camp, with great coaching, and excellent support from all involved.

 by Anonymous

I wanted to let you know that you had 13 of our girls at your camp this past week and they all thought it was awesome.   My daughter was exhausted but the first thing she said when she got in the car was "I want to go back next summer for sure - please sign me up!".  Everything from experiencing dorm-life, to the all-female coaching staff, to learning from current college players, and of course new and interesting on-ice and off-ice drills... you really have a top-notch camp that is very impressive.    I wouldn't be surprised if you see 20+ girls from our club next year... you may need a bus just for our team!!

 by Anonymous

I wanted to thank you and your staff for an excellent camp!

I came up to watch one day during the week and was impressed by everything from the organization to how the coaches interacted with the kids, to the drills that were being done.  I was amazed at the wide range of ages and abilities that you seemed to work seamlessly throughout all of the things you did.  I am a school athletic director and coach, and I wish that more coaches handled their days with kids like you did:  firm, fair, and tough.

 by Laura Rosenthal
Crazy Eights Hockey Camp

This was my 12 year old daughters first overnight camp. She was nervous because she wears prosthetics but the coaching staff and counselors could not have been nicer. The personalized coaching and encouragement she received made this the best camp experience for her. She learned a lot, made new friends and she will be back next year!

 by Jon Swearengen
Great experience!

This was my 9 year old’s first time away from home for this long. The camp was set up in a way that made it easy for her to fit in and have a great experience. She learned a ton and said that all the girls in the camp were friendly and the coaches were great. I would recommend this camp for sure.

 by Pat Voss
Amazing camp!

WOW, what an amazing program and experience. My daughter was one of the youngest there though stepped right in and mingled well with the group. She had a blast and didn’t even realize the intensity of the program until she was sleeping on the car ride home! Such a fantastic group of coaches. Thanks again!

 by Tom Tobin

This was Chloe's third year at Crazy Eights. All facets of her game has improved. Last year she was the fastest girl on her U12 Girls team. Now she wants to compete on a boys team. we really like the "all girl camp, coaches too".

She was an over nighter this year. That went well also.

 by David D

Great to see the girls get pushed, worked harder than ever before, bond, build and grow as players on and off the ice. As i said to my daughter, practice for what you want to become. Thanks for setting a standard for what it takes to advance to a higher performance level.

 by Melody Lashmar
Excellent, well-rounded hockey camp

This was my daughters first "sleep-away" camp as well as her first hockey camp. The on-ice training and the off-ice training was serious work that she was delighted to do. Her demonstrated commitment to train so hard that week is a testament to how supportive and fun the trainers are with the girls. We have been sharing our wonderful experience with her team-mates and hoping that we will be bringing one or two with us when she returns next summer.

 by Marcus Novy
Great Camp

Crazy Eights Hockey provides a great camp for girls in Wisconsin! The camp focuses on hockey, fun, friendships, and nutrition. I highly recommend this camp for both skills and helping girls develop heightened self-confidence. Thanks to all the instructors, my daughter loved it, this was a 5 star experience!

 by Audrey moberg
Awesome! So much growth

Learned so much. Stretching, exercises, drills, friendships all was enjoyed! She is already talking about signing up next year.

 by Jim OBrien
We traveled a long way and it was worth it!

We brought our daughters and neices to attend this camp all the way from Seattle. It was 100% worth the time and money. This camp is run by a true leader, teacher, and coach who cares about developing future superstars in the sport. If you live within 2 hours of Wisconsin I don't see why any girl playing hockey would pass this camp up.
My daughters have been to a lot of camps and I am highly involved in running our and this is the best camp that they have ever participated in.
Huge thumbs up!

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