Camp Questions? Here are some Answers

Crazy Eights Hockey Camp 2014
Frequently asked Questions and Answers
Day Camp Q&A
1.How do parents keep updated on camp throughout the week?

Daily updates and posts will be put on twitter #Crazy8Hockey and Facebook Crazy Eights Hockey LLC page and on our website there will be updates on the left hand side.

2.What is the cell phone rule?

We ask that unless needed, players leave their cell phones at home

3.What will happen for lunch?

Lunch will be provided for the girls at the rink. Please pack a water bottle

4.What group will my daughter be with on the ice?

5.The girls will be split up based on skill level on the ice, competition time will allow for a mixture of groups

6.What is the classroom session?

Classroom sessions are to break down positioning and rules of hockey along with our special guest to share playing stories and advice. We also have a nutritionist coming to talk about food choices.

7.What is the lower body balance and power session?

This session is short but focused purely on a player’s ability to control their lower body in a mixture of activities. Getting players lower to the ground off ice allows them the strength to stay low while skating.

8.What happens if it rains?

All of our activities can be moved to the indoors to allow for rain delays

9.What happens if my daughter cannot tie her own skates?

Any of our coaches will be happy to help tie skates (players just need to ask).

10.What happens if my daughter is not feeling well?

Players need to communicate how they are feeling with one of the coaches or counselors.

Overnight Camp Q&A
1.Where will the girls be staying during the overnight camp?

Carroll College Dorms (New Hall) 100 N. East Ave., Waukesha, Wisconsin 53186

2.Who will be watching the girls at the dorms?

We have counselors who are college players who will be staying on the same floor and available 24/7.

3.Do the dorms have internet?

All residence halls have Wi-Fi access.

4.What is the cell phone rule?

Girls will be allowed to use their cell phone as little as possible in the morning and evening. The phones will be taken away once they get on the bus to the rink and given back once they return to Carroll College.

5.Who will tell the girls to shower?

All the girls will be required to shower as soon as they return from the ice rink

6.Where will the girls eat?

The girls will eat breakfast and dinner at Carroll College and lunch from Subway at the rink. Parents are asked to pack additional snacks if needed.

7.What if my daughter has food allergies?

Please specify what the food allergy is to our staff and what steps to take if she encounters the food.

8.What will the girls be doing in the evenings?

Following dinner the girls will have a team activity and then down time prior to bed.

9.Will there be laundry done during the week?

There will not be any laundry done, please pack enough clothes to last five days.

10.How will my daughter get money for extra activities?

You will be allowed to fill your daughters spending cash envelop which a counselor will keep

11.Will my daughter need street clothes?

Yes, please pack clothes for night activities or field trips and a swimsuit

12.How many girls per room?

The dorm rooms have two girls per room and Four girls per bathroom

13.Will the dorms have bedding and towel?

No the dorms are basic college dorms with no linens, pillows, or air conditioning.

14.Who will tell the girls to go to bed and wake up?

Our counselors will do room checks in the evening and wake up calls in the morning

15.When is check in and pick up?

Sunday evening at 5pm is check in at Carroll college and pick up is at 5pm at Mullett Ice center (feel free to come early and watch the last session.

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